About Us

JEMTEQ is an electrical engineering company with headquarters in Kent, UK. We are committed to achieving service excellence and exceeding expectations. Understanding your requirements so that we deliver a top quality service on time, every time. We invest extensively in our systems and people to achieve this for you.

Our development and growth strategy is aimed at becoming the leader in all our markets, which will further enable us to meet your most stringent demands. We have a proud history in all aspects of the building services sector. Our focus is on understanding, building, supplying, installing and maintaining systems that meet your requirements.

The management team at JEMTEQ are committed to the very highest standards of company governance, which they consider are critical to maintaining internal and external confidence, these are made up of 3 core interlinked elements:


Organisation and Structure - designed to allow for effective and efficient decision making across the company.


Internal Control Framework - defines the way in which the company operates, and comprises of all the company's business principles, policies, standards, processes and guidelines.


Independent Assurance - provided primarily by company audits, by our independent external auditors and by other external advisers.

JEMTEQ prides itself on its highly professional presentation and always strives to provide the best possible solution offering our customers a range of products and services that would be hard to beat.

Our teams can provide:


Turnkey Systems - Projects managed from conception to handover.


System Integration - We can integrate new technologies with existing systems.


Professional Management - Projects supervised by professional experienced employees.


Project Management, design and specification, project drawings, costings, software, hardware, commissioning, training, post project support and maintenance.

We are always delighted to meet and talk with you about your business and how we can help you to achieve your success.

Please do not hesitate in contacting us by telephone or email for any questions or enquiries you may have.





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